Chris Boraski's Life Timeline

September 9, 1975 I'm born at 8:26 PM in San Clemente, CA. My birth weight is ten pounds, six ounces. Take a look at a horoscope written right after my birth.
March, 1977 Moved to Rancho Panasquitos, outside San Diego, CA.
May, 1978 Moved to Warren, NJ.
September, 1980 Entered Kindergarten at the Woodland School.
September, 1982 Entered 3rd Grade at Central School.
July, 1985 Went to Hi-Hills Day Camp, Bernardsville, NJ.
July, 1986 Started Newspaper Route for the Courier-News. Went again to Hi-Hills Day Camp.
September, 1986 Entered 6th Grade at Middle School.
July, 1988 Went to George School Summer Camp, PA.
August, 1988 Went to Frost Valley YMCA Summer Camp, NY.
July, 1989 Went again to George School.
June, 1989 Layed off paper route because the company decided only to allow people with cars to deliver papers. Too young to collect unemployment, I tried with little success to get commissions from selling paper subscriptions.
September, 1989 Started High School at the Pingry School, Martinsville, NJ.
March, 1990 Began job as a cashier at Shop Rite Supermarket, Stirling, NJ.
June, 1993 Graduated from High School.
July, 1993 Promoted to Front End Manager at supermarket.
August, 1993 Quit job. Entered college at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ. Originally double majoring in Computer Engineering and Philosophy.
June, 1994 Worked at Merck, Agvet Division as summer intern, Iselin, NJ.
August, 1994 Changed major to Computer Science & Philosophy.
June, 1995 Worked again as an summer intern at Merck.
August, 1995 Entered UIUC as a Junior.

Chris Boraski