This Horoscope was made for me a couple of weeks after I was born by a Hungarian-American Astrologer. The original is in Hungarian. My mother translated it and I have liberally changed the translation to make it sound less foreign. I'm not really into astrology, but it is sometimes fun. This is about ninety percent accurate, which is pretty damn good in my opinion.

Chris was born under the sign of Virgo, with an Aries ascendant and a Scorpio descendent. Those who were born under the ascendant sign of Aries have the following characteristics. They usually have the kind of personality that likes to manage and other people. They are born with an ability to prepare and carry out plans and are generally very good organizers. They are extremely independent and in all circumstances are always looking for their own way of doing things. They are only satisfied if they can act as the leader and command situations. They are multifaceted. They are very willing to take on tasks, but often they are stubborn and want to do things their own way. They are very deliberate, strong-willed, often demanding, and need to have their own way in deed as well as in word. They are very fiery and impulsive, get offended quickly, but very rarely hold grudges for a long time. They lean towards studying philosophy and wisdom. Although they are very strong willed, they often lack the impetus to stick it out and finish a project. They are quick moving and quick to make a decision. They are not afraid of taking on responsibilities. Very frequently they have excellent mechanical ability.

Usually they are medium height, slim, muscular with a long neck and face that is wide at the top and tapers down at the bottom. Often they have scars because Mars is in the sign. Thick eyebrows and a strong penetrating stare as well as reddish-brown to black hair are common characteristics.

The location of the Sun in Virgo at the time of his birth will have a positive influence, and he will be less impulsive and more thoughtful and deliberate because of it. He will be also more serious, hard-working, will stick with a task longer, and will always be driven to improve himself, to learn more, to understand the world and all of its influences and how it all hangs together.

Generally speaking, he will learn very quickly and easily and will be able to express himself well. He will have a great deal of stamina and will be able to stay with a task. He will always generally look younger than his age. Although quickly offended, he will avoid using force but instead tries to reach his ends by other means. He likes order and cleanliness in every way. He has a little bit of a tendency to worry too much. Although he has a tendency to be rash and impulsive, Aries influence will temper him and protect him from personal harm.

He will be both an idealist and practical person. He will be thoughtful and look positively towards the future, because Aries and Virgo are very active together. He will love financial security, but frequently will have difficulty attaining it. In some ways he will be very similar to his great grandmother since both were born under the same sign. Aries was very similarly positioned and Scorpio was descendent for both. He will be joyful, loving and jovial and deserving of a lot of love from others because he will be generous and eager to help others. He will have an optimistic personality, be very popular and among other things, enjoy excellent health and a long life.

The financial aspect in his horoscope is very favorable. The signs that are involved show that the risks and projects he will undertake will result in financial successes and his own inventions and business efforts will turn out well. Aside from all this, it is more favorable to work out his abilities as an employee of a big company rather than as an entrepreneur.

Favorable cosmic locations will result in excellent mental abilities and the skill to combine things and conceptualize mechanisms and ideas. He will have to be extremely careful that when it comes to traveling. He will have to protect his shoulder and arm from accidents. He might hurt himself via fire or burns, sharp things, or chemicals. He should avoid fights with relatives, neighbors and siblings. In reference to his relationship with his parents, he will experience discord during his growing years because, as mentioned before, in all matters he will have to do it his own way. Many times this is going to go against parental will or parental influence.

Because of the influence of Leo, he will have an intense need to be entertained, but at the same time many times he will contain his emotions and will not be able to relax and enjoy fully as he might want to. This also relates to his relation with the opposite sex. There may be difficulties getting into harmonious relationships with somebody from the opposite sex. The majority of the time, it won't be his fault that things don't work out like they should. He must be especially careful that he does not get any contagious diseases or stomach disorders or illnesses because he is susceptible to them.

His impulsiveness will result in a romantic marriage and a quick divorce. He will have a much more successful second marriage because of the lessons learned. He will have an interest in the mystical and the occult and also there is an indication that he may have a loss of inheritance and in general that he may have financial loss because of somebody else's mistakes.

He will have a wide intellectual curiosity, interest in philosophy, definitely should go to college and will travel widely all over the world, and will develop many foreign contacts. There is a possibility that he will meet a candidate for a second marriage in his travels. It is also indicated that he will have reachable existential goals.

He will want to reach great heights and will have great ambition and lofty goals. In spite of all this, because of the location of Saturn, he will almost definitely will go far above and beyond all obstacles and will reach all goals. He will be way above average but will never be fully satisfied with himself. He will have very unusual and highly eccentric friends.

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