"Let's got to the banquet," Bivotar decides. "I'm pretty hungry."

"Always found them to be noisy affairs," Syovar comments, "but if that's what you want..."

He leads them into the banquet hall, a huge room whose far wall is a tremendous mirror, and announces them. Most of the guests recognize Bivotar and Juranda from their previous visits to Zork, and they are greeted heartily.

Great platters of pheasant and wiled boar are accompanied by an amazing variety of fresh breads, salads, and vegetables. Syovar performs several impressie magic tricks, including levitating the entire table. The jester, Perilon, performs some amusing skits. For dessert, the waiters bring out enormous trays heaped with exotic chocolates, and the finest fruits in season.

After the meal, the play begins, featuring a troupe of traveling actors. The play is fairly interesting, being about an aged wizard, exiled from his homeland, who has begun to lose his powers and amuses himself by harassing passing adventurers.

Finally, Bivotar and Juranda are escorted to the luxurious guest rooms of the castle.

The following morning, Juranda whispers to Bivotar, "You know, I've been feeling a little guilty. Samovar really seemed to want to spend some time alone with us."

"I've been thinking the same thing, Juran. Let's ask Syovar if we can do that today."

Go to Syovar.

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