"I want to go to the banquet," states Bivotar.

"I'd like to see the crafts fair," Juranda argues.

They compromise on the jousting finals and tell Syovar of their decision.

"Always thought jousting was pretty barbaric myself," Syovar comments. He accompanies them out to the meadow beyond the castle moat. Large grandstands have been erected around the jousting area. Thousands of people from the surrounding towns fill the stands. Knights, their armor gleaming in the noontime sun, parade about on horseback. Brighly-colored banners flap in the breeze.

Syovar leads them to seats in the royal box as the tournament begins. The jousts are fierce and exciting, and the crowds cheer loudly. Elves wind through the stands, selling sweetmeats and rare fruits from far-off lands.

After the tournament is over, and Syovar has awarded ribbons to the winners, fires are lit and a gigantic barbeque begins. The smell of roasting steer fills the air. Wine and hearty ale flows freely. The celebration lasts long after nightfall.

The next morning, after a restful sleep, Syovar meets the two adventurers at breakfast. Bivotar glances at Juranda and then says to Syovar, "We were thinking last night, Juranda and I, that maybe, maybe we could hear your stories today?"

"Yes," Juranda adds, "we should've done it yesterday-I don't know why we decided to go to those jousts instead."

Listen to Syovar.

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