Central School

This was where I spent my second through fifth grade years. I had a lot of interesting experiences here. I read lots of books, had my first taste of acting in front of an audience, played the trombone for a couple of years, took an instant liking to Capsela toys, got in big trouble for lighting a match for no good reason, was kneed in the balls by some guy without provocation. It was lovely.

I had a great proclivity for poetry, which was realized early on when the teacher gave us a pamphlet of poetry to read and enjoy. She told us that for every poem we memorized, we would get some kind of extra credit. I memorized the entire pamphlet, probably around forty poems. I happened to be in the main office of the school where they had the radio on when the space shuttle exploded. I went downstairs and told some kids and they didn't believe me. Only later, when the teacher was crying and told the class what had happened did they give me some credit. We were asked to pen a poem about the tragedy, and mine wasn't exactly the teacher's favorite:

Christa McAuliffe
Used to teach.
Now she's spread,
All over the beach.

Okay, so maybe I was a little bit too mischevious for my own good. I knew that I had the luxury to be that way, and I just got worse in middle school. I did quite a few productive things though, one of which was my first experience with CAD, Architecture, and Programming. We were asked to draw something with LOGO to show parents how the schools were exposing kids to computers, and I had the turtle draw a picture of a house. Okay, so maybe it wasn't too sophisticated. Give me a break. I was only ten. This project was where I had my first real relationship with Mike Plocek.

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