Shop Rite

Shop Rite was where I learned how to convert sweat and carbohydrates into cash. Not too many eventful things happened here, although I did end up dating a fellow employee and got to be friends with a bunch of people I would have never met otherwise. I met a guy who eventually went into the marines, another who grew up in a town pretty far away with me, I was good friends with a twenty-eight year old guy, and got to meet a bunch of people who depended on Shop Rite for their livelihood. I started as a cashier at $5.15 an hour and rose up to being a front end manager at $8.50 within about three years. Ah, the joys of working through your teenage years. I was in the union while I was there, and was able to get a $1000 dollar scholarship awarded to me which was one of the truly cool things about working there.

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