Woodland School

My first schooling experience was not exactly the epitome of intense excitement. It wasn't too shabby either. I was only at this school for Kindergarten and first grade, when they shipped me over the the Central School.

The only experience I vividly remember happened near the end of my Kindergarten year. Somehow the teachers decided that I was a gifted child, so they shipped me over to a group of older children in a special group so I could meet them and possibly get involved in some other things. We only met for about fifteen minutes, and then the teacher let us out to go back to our normal classes. I looked back in the normal Kindergarten room, but there was nobody in there, so I looked outside to see if they were waiting for the buses to go home. The kids usually lined up out back, but somehow, I didn't see anyone outside. I decided I had missed the buses, so I went out the front door and started walking towards my home about two miles from the school. A little way down the road, some buses passed me, but I figured they were leaving from the high school which was next door to the elementary school.

I made it about halfway home when the principal pulls up in a Volkswagon Beetle and picks me up and drives me the rest of the way home. He interrogates me and tells me that one of the bus drivers said that I waved to them, which I certainly didn't do. When we got to my house, he asked to see my parents, but neither were home (I was a young latchkey kid). Eventually my mom met with them and they told me I should never try to walk home again. I guess I did a good job showing them just how gifted I was.

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